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Signing Up for a Carebox Account

Last Updated: May 31, 2015 05:20AM EDT
The Carebox New Account sign-up page allows anyone to create a new Carebox account based on their e-mail address.

Note that Carebox accounts are currently (and temporarily) available for sign-up and use at no charge as part of the Carebox pilot program. There may be charges in the future for the use of all features of your Carebox account, but in any case, all of your healthcare records collected in your Carebox account (and thus stored in a Box folder that you can access at any time) are yours to keep, forever, at no charge.

[Screen Shot]

Typically, you get to the screen above either from the https://carebox.it home page by pressing "Carebox Signup (New Account)" or from the Signup option on the http://careboxhealth.com web site. You can also access the Create a New Carebox Account page by clicking here.

Two Options - Social Network and Explicit E-Mail

Every Carebox account is associated with an e-mail address. There are two ways that you can provide Carebox with the e-mail address that you want to use for creating your Carebox.

The easiest and best way is to use one of the Social Network buttons (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or Boxshown on the screen above. Pressing one of these buttons will immediately trigger the creation of your Carebox account and log you into Carebox.

Alternatively, you can type in your e-mail address and press "Create My Carebox Account". This will trigger the creation of your Carebox account and will take you to the login screen where you will need the password that will be automatically e-mailed to you in order to login.

Carebox Creation Process

Whichever of the two options above you select, after pressing either a Social Network button or the "Create My Carebox Account" button - Carebox will begin the actual account creation process.

A progress indicator will update you on the various steps being taken. Note that it can take a full minute or two for the entire process to complete.

When your Carebox has been set up you will be taken automatically into Carebox (if you used one of the Social Network buttons) or to the login page (if you entered your e-mail address explicitly).

Your Welcome to Carebox E-Mail

Whichever one of the two account creation options you select (Social Network or manual entry of e-mail address), during the process of creating your Carebox you will receive an e-mail from Carebox with the subject "Welcome to Carebox". Be sure to check your SPAM folder as this e-mail may be automatically (and incorrectly) be identified as "junk mail" by your e-mail software or service.

Your Initial Carebox Password

The "Welcome to Carebox" e-mail will include your initial Carebox password. You will need this password in order to login to Carebox at https://carebox.it - unless you use one of the Social Login buttons, in which case you will be using your password on the associated Social Network instead of a Carebox password.

After you are logged into Carebox, one of the first things that you should do is to change your Carebox password. Refer to the support article Changing Your Password for information on how to do this.

Logging Into Carebox

Once your Carebox account has been created, you can enter Carebox at any time using your e-mail address and password or a one-click Social Network login button. For more information, refer to Signing In To Your Carebox,

Using Carebox for Box

If you use the Box, you can take advantage of the Carebox for Box applications that allow you to access your Carebox account (and even sign up for a new Carebox account) directly from within Box, with no separate Carebox login and password. For more information, refer to Introduction to the "Carebox for Box" Applications.

Box Folder Collaboration E-Mail

Carebox uses Box as its underlying content storage and collaboration platform. You don't have to use the Box application in order to use Carebox, but in any case, "under the hood", the contents of your Carebox are stored in a Box folder named "Carebox (your e-mail address)" which is collaborated into a Box account with the same e-mail address as the one associated with your Carebox account.

If you already have a Box account associated with the e-mail that is associated with your Carebox account, you will get an e-mail message from Box indicating that the Carebox folder has been collaborated into your account. Depending on your Box settings, you may need to "accept the invitation" to collaborate on your Carebox folder or that may happen automatically.

If you don't have a Box account associated with the e-mail that is 
associated with your Carebox account, you will get an e-mail message from Box inviting you to sign up for Box (you can sign up for a free Personal Box account) and collaborate on the "Carebox (your e-mail address)" folder.

Although we encourage you to have a Box account and take advantage of the ability to use Carebox features from within  your Carebox folder in Box (and from within Box, overall), it is up to you if you want to do anything with these e-mails from Box. The Carebox application will work whether you have a Box account or not and whether you accept the invitation to collaborate on your Carebox folder or not.

You can learn more about Carebox Integration with Box by clicking here.

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